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Writing an Effective How-To Article: a Complete Guide

Writing an Effective How-To Article: a Complete Guide

People usually search the internet for learning how to do something. In fact, they want to know all the steps they have to take to succeed in it. And I am sure you who are reading this post have already done that. So, you get surely an idea of what How-to articles are as well as their structures. Here, I am going to explain more about it and I will also give you 6 helpful tips for writing a how-to article well.

What Is a How-To Article?

A « how-to article » is an article that gives readers instructions on how to do a specific thing. A great how-to article contains a step-by-step guide for them to make the process easier. For example, how to prepare a cake? how to succeed in performing arts? And yes, this article you are reading is also an example of a how-to article.

How to Write a Good How-To Article?

Now, let’s focus on these 6 steps you need to follow when writing a how-to article.

Choose a Topic

First, you need to pick a subject you know a lot about. This topic should be the one you are interested in as you are going to deal with it. This way, you will be at ease discussing about it. Moreover, make sure you select a specific aspect you are going to focus on in the whole article.

Address your Intended Audience

Now, you have to put yourself in the readers’shoes and ask yourself what you want to be answered. It is so crucial to communicate effectively to them what they search for. Apart from that, use clear and simple language to help them understand your article easily. You need to address them directly so that they feel more connected to your instructions. To do so, use words like « you », « your » as well as action verbs like « Cut », « Peel ». Try to tailor your content in an appealing way to keep the audience’s attention. After all, you aim at teaching them something new, something they do not know.

Do a Research

Even though you know much about a subject, you need to gather information from reliable sources. Of course, they will be a great help for you. These can be popular books, websites, or whatever you like. You can collect, for example, quotes by well-known people, short stories, definitions, etc. But remember, you should avoid plagiarism, this means copying word-for-word. Instead, rewrite all you have collected in your own words.

Write your Outline

To organize your ideas well and arrange them in order, you have to write a rough draft. This will help you ensure your main points are all included. When you see some sections containing too much information, I advise you to use bulleted lists. This way, you give the readers more details about a subject. In addition, you will keep a great conversational tone to your audience. Do not forget to double-check your draft.

Begin writing your article

Now, you have everything you need to start writing the process. You have got to divide your ideas into paragraphs. So, make sure you introduce the topic well in your first paragraph to keep your audience reading the whole article. They should see in it what you are going to teach them. Then, take each step of the process one by one and add all useful and relevant information. Do not skip anything! What’s more? When explaining, you need to make it simple, clear and friendly. If you do so, your instructions will be easy to follow and your readers will not be confused.

Proofread your article

Have you finished writing your article? It’s high time to read through it carefully. This last step is very important as it enables you to catch what should be corrected before submitting your article. Make sure there is no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. In one word, you should show your readers that you are able to create a good content without any errors.

These are the main steps you have got to take for writing a how-to article successfully.

But I would like to share you some additional tips to make your article more attractive. Here you are:

  • Add pictures or drawings: For your article to be more visually appealing, it is a very good idea to use images. They can be great tools to clarify instructions that seem tricky too.
  • Include links to other articles: I advise you to arouse your readers’interest to other articles. Do not hesitate to direct them to any other how-to related articles. You can form them as a short list at the end of the article.

I hope you find this article useful! Apply all these tips and you will see it really works.

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Do you have any other tips or suggestions? just leave a comment below.

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