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Writing a Professional Bio: 7 Ways with Examples

Writing a Professional Bio: 7 Ways with Examples

Have you ever thought of the importance of your Professional Bio? Perhaps you are not aware of that when you are writing it. Though, it is really important. Why? Because this is the only first thing that introduces who you are, what you are doing to your audience. So, Writing a Professional Bio requires you to take your time and be thoughtful about what you write. Whether you publish it in your Facebook business page or in your Personal Blog, whatever! It has to catch the readers’eyes and get the right message across. This way, you invite them to know more about you and follow you. They may even decide to work with you, why not? To help you then, I am going to share you in this article 7 tips on how to write your Professional Bio right, along with some examples.

So, let’s get started

How to Write a Professional Bio Well?

Here are some steps you need to take to write your Professional Bio in a way that it conveys clearly all that your audience should know about you.

Know your target audience and your purpose

This is the first crucial thing you need to do before starting writing your professional bio. You have to know who will read your bio because a bio for a college application and a one for a personal page should not be the same. For example, if you are a job applicant, your recruiter will be your audience. Therefore, you have to state your skills, work experience and your academic background. Apart from that, you should highlight effectively who you are and what you do. Make sure your readers will see what’s in it for them. More precisely, you need to specify how you can help them.

Begin with your name

Keep in mind that your readers do not know anything about you. That’s why you need to write your first and last name in the beginning of your sentence. This is the first thing they should see so that they realize what they are going to read. And it is your professional bio!

Use third person

It is highly recommended to use the third person when writing a professional bio. Even if you are the one who is writing it, I advise you to write in the third person. This will make your bio sound more objective.

For instance: Instead of saying:  » I live in Tokyo with my husband » , write: « Cathy Jones lives in Tokyo with her husband. »

Mention your job or business

Your professional bio should contain a clear explanation of your occupation or business. You should put it in the first two sentences to grab the readers’attention. You need to describe well your responsibilities in that position. In addition, you can add your most recent and relevant accomplishments. These are something you have done- you have already achieved. Remember! you include them only if applicable because it may not be the case for other situations. It is better to describe them instead of just listing them.

Add personal, humanizing details

This next one is an efficient way to invite your audience to care and show them that you are a real person. These personal details communicate to the readers who you are in real life. However, you should avoid including too embarassing details as you never know what might be the reaction of your audience. I advise you to add this personal story at the end of your professional bio (before the last sentence). This way, you leave them with something pleasant and let them have a good impression of you.

Include contact information

You have to end your professional bio with your contact details. This will help your readers reach you easily and get in touch with you. You must give your email address and be careful about spam. You can also add your Linkedin page or your Twitter Profile. Moreover, you can include your phone number, but it is not mandatory.

Look at other people’s bios

This last tip can be very helpful. When you look at other bios created by others in your field, you will understand more the point. You will have an idea of what your audience really expect from you. You can find those examples in places like Linkedin pages, professional websites and Twitter accounts.

Examples of Good Professional Bios

Now, let’s have a look at some examples following the above instructions to make the process easier. I am going to share you the best examples I have ever seen.

A Professional Bio for Employees and Applicants

« Jane Smith is a Loan Officer at XYZ Bank, where Jane processes loan applications from the beginning to the end, including mortgage refinancing and educating clients about their different financing options.

Jane has worked with reputable real estate agencies, including ReMax, Century 21 among others. Jane helps homeowners and new buyers secure a loan that suits their budget and goals. You can expect 100% transparency, no horror stories, and nasty surprises when working with Jane. 

Jane is a cat-lover and CMAS diver from Michigan. Please email or go to to contact Jane. »

A professional bio for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

« Cindy Anderson is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager who helps finance professionals and Fin-tech startups build an audience and get more paying clients online.

Before starting a writing business, Cindy spent six years as a Bank Teller and Virtual Assistant for financial companiesin the U.S and U.K. After successful career helping  small banks and real state agencies, Cindy now helps them write marketing copy for their products and services.

Cindy loves trying new sports and managing a small property rental business.

Cindy is available for marketing and writing projects, as well as private consultations. You can reach Cindy at »

I hope that with these tips, you will be able to write a concise and appealing professional bio. Want to add more? Let us know in the comments.

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