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How to become a successful creative entrepreneur?

How to become a successful creative entrepreneur?

In this ever-growing world, money occurs to be an essential commodity. It helps everyone running their life. However, money is not the only thing that drives people to work hard. This is where the notion of creative entrepreneurship shows up. Being an entrepreneur is clearly exciting and rewarding. Have you ever thought about growing your own business? Find out through this article, how to become a successful creative entrepreneur.

The role played by money in our lives

As Adam Levine said « Nothing wrong with making money », we spend a great part of our time making money. Indeed, money has gained its value because people want to save it for later. Saving wealth helps people preparing their brighter future: building up a house for family or preparing for retirement for example. To achieve these goals, many people aspire to succeed in their professional careers, working for someone. The result is that people learn to work at the service of money…but never learn to put money at their service.

If you had creative talent then invest in your know-how and find something that exceeds your reality, your wildest dream.

In the following video, Robert Kiyosaki explains why it is better to invest your money rather than save it :

Creative entrepreneurship: what is it about exactly?

Entrepreneurship as we know is the activity of setting up a business, taking all the financial risks and profits that are involved. Creative entrepreneurship applies the same except that the idea coming out from the project is based on creativity (package designer, graphic designer, app developer, crafts for kids, sell upcycled furniture …)

A creative entrepreneur is therefore someone who uses his intellectual knowledge and skills to earn a living. Generally, creative entrepreneurs work in a business or as a freelancer. This differs from traditional entrepreneurship which is mainly concentrated on manufacturing and industrial products. Let us see a great example of a creative entrepreneur.

Steve Jobs: the best model of creative entrepreneurship

With Wozniak, Steve Jobs has developed a high standard of technology. A one that is available to everyone on a daily basis. Besides, he also gave particular attention to his products ‘design: “simple but beautiful”. Singular creativity along with a leading edge of innovation.

He has been able to create something people haven’t even thought they are going to need someday. From the opportunity to listen to thousands of songs anywhere, anytime, to turning a mobile device into a computer.

Pixar, the other great success of Steve Jobs. Who makes him the best model of creative entrepreneurship

This inspirational personality has widely contributed to Aycoo project’s birth.

Aycoo and creative entrepreneurship

Aycoo has been designed to give to brilliant designers and craftspeople, the chance to become a successful creative entrepreneur. We firmly believe that creativity has absolutely no limits. This is particularly seen over the internet, through several DIY Tutorials. People have absolutely infinite imaginations. This has led the owner of Aycoo to focus on this particular niche.

The importance of marketing for creative entrepreneurs

Besides, other people choose to save their money to start their professional projects. This is the case for Aycoo. Deciding to create an innovative app seems quite evident for an informatic developer. Despite the brilliant idea involved behind, finding strategies for selling remains vital. This is the reason why web marketing strategy should not be taken for granted. Let us take the example of MacDonald’s.

The success of the American firm

Everybody is able to cook delicious hamburgers, but nobody makes as much profit as the leader of this company. Knowing how to make a hamburger is good. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to sell it, nobody will buy it for you.

That’s why web marketing strategies take a huge place regarding the Aycoo project. Investing time, effort, and money into an app is unnecessary if no one is going to use it. Finding the right customers and convincing them to consume the product. This is the basis of success in creative entrepreneurship. But how do creative entrepreneurs run properly their web marketing strategy?

Aycoo’s web marketing strategy

By improving the DIY lifestyle, Aycoo mainly focuses its web marketing efforts on the “blogging universe”. The number of DIY bloggers increases rapidly over the Internet. Indeed, we leave preference to digital techniques such as SEO, SMO, or growth hacking. So starting a business in creative entrepreneurship mainly considers core targets. They are the key to finding the most appropriate web marketing strategy.

Creative entrepreneurship begins with human relationships

Becoming a successful creative entrepreneur starts with people who work with us. It is definitely better to work for passion and curiosity to learn and discover new things, and not for money. If you build up a creative enterprise with someone having this point of view, you are taking a good start.

Learn to give and share experiences, pieces of advice, new theories… This is a great way to ensure that your partner does not feel apart. Moreover, he will feel more involved into the job. I guess that this conciliation between work and passion has made the couple Wozniak-Jobs shine successfully. Therefore, as a creative entrepreneur, always feel free to give and share. This is the foundation of all human relationships.

How to become a creative entrepreneur?

Today’s lifestyle makes it possible to convert knowledge and skills into money. A principle on which the Aycoo project is based on. Indeed, Aycoo give hands to designers and makers who want to live for their passion. As a matter of fact, it is essential to:

1. Figure out your offer

Creativity entrepreneurship does not start without an idea on your mind. Dig into your knowledge, your skills in music or singing, your passion for reading… You will see that the possibilities are infinite. For Aycoo for example, it started with a passion for design and entrepreneurship. As an active web user, I have noticed how powerful the Internet was these days. Geographical distance has widely declined. You can buy and sell everything you want online. Everything can be made over the web:  online payments, online courses… Anytime, anywhere. This unique concept has driven to the Aycoo project’s idea.

Besides, remember that creative entrepreneurs are clearly different from other entrepreneurs. They are not trapped in the “Subway- work – home” circuit. In other words, creativity entrepreneurship equals “freedom”. As a long-term project, setting up your goal is crucial. Because you are going to invest and spend time, money, and human resources into it. That’s why it is cleverer to go for something you are really passionate about.

2. Choose something “saleable”

As Steve Jobs said: “Think differently”. Going for Creativity entrepreneurship is choosing a new way of living. Long-term vision and changes into the daily lifestyle. No more infernal cycle related to work, paycheck, bills pay, distractions, sleep, work…So, make sure to choose the appropriate proposal that will provide added-value to your offer.

This will ensure that people are really going to buy your product. Web marketing methods will be therefore easier. For example, Aycoo’s added-value stands in his marketplace and his chatbot. Go for something that stands out of the crowd. You can, therefore, focus your « key to success » on valuable factors. For example, the product’s benefits or the technological aspect, its quality, its origin, its ecological feature…

In addition, choose an original name for your product. Preferably, something that describes your offer. “Aycoo” for example came from the Malagasy word “hay” which stands for “skills, know-how”. It highlights the app, based on the principle of sharing skills. So, do not hesitate to bring your personal touch to your brand’s name.

3. Market your business

As stated before, marketing is the most important aspect of creative entrepreneurship. This field calls for creativity and ingenuity. Nowadays, it is possible to sell and purchase online products. One reason why Aycoo has incorporated his marketplace into the app option.

Plus, the creation of blogs, websites are eased by several online system managers such as WordPress. Reading articles, viewing online videos… These are really helpful in finding new methods of marketing strategies. Aycoo’s launch started with the creation of a website, a Facebook page, and later, this blog. Besides, it has been significant to contact potential bloggers through mail contact. And give them an overview about the Aycoo app to catch their interests.  Feel confident when exchanging your offer to bloggers. Once they trust in you, they are more likely to cooperate for long-term collaboration.

To sum up, creative entrepreneurship’s magic stands in self-employment and creativity-growth. It is available to anyone who wants to get paid for their creative talents. Aycoo overcomes this challenge. This app gives brilliant designers the opportunity to live for their passion. Choosing a valuable offer that stands out of the crowd. This is the essential foundation if you want to become a creative entrepreneur.


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