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Perfectly-designed Loop Mount: Kickstarter

Perfectly-designed Loop Mount: Kickstarter

Modern technology has evolved so much that it runs our lives nowadays. We cannot imagine a life without it, we can’t seem to function when we do not have our computers, tablets and especially our smartphones with us. But we need to know that all technologies we see or use are made for purpose. Discover in this post a perfectly-designed Loop Mount for your bike.

Loop: a new product for bikes

For us to have access to our device easily, Loop was created. What is it? Loop is a minimal phone holder for bikes, it is put on the bike’s handlebar. It is the perfect solution for mounting or attaching any phone to any bike. In addition, it is a great advantage for riders as it enables them to use their smartphones while biking. Practical and functional, it is quick, easy to use and is made for every bike and every phone.

What A very advanced design!

Simple, fashionable and well-designed, Loop is not like any other else. It is a perfectly-designed loop mount for bikes. Makers have planned it with artistic and skillful design for the benefits of its users.

What are those characteristics which make Loop very different?

Here they are:

Keeping the look of your bike

As Loop is small, it is not at all remarked that you have it on the handlebar. The intention of engineers was to design something for the good-looking of your bike and not the contrary.

Making your phone safely-attached

Once your device is locked into it, you can be sure it will stay securely in place. Moreover, the clamp-on mount is designed to fit for any size of handlebar.

It is strong

The material from which Loop is made is only metal. So, it is strong and you do not have to worry even though you are riding on off-road or bumpy road. Apart from that, it lasts for a long time. But this does not mean that you will bring it when practising extreme riding.

Goes with every phone and bike

Loop is designed carefully to fit all phone sizes. It exists from small to large ones. It is also made for every type of bike, more precisely, to all major handlebar sizes. Here are some examples of included smartphones: Samsung Galaxy 9, iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc. Handlebar sizes range from 22.2mm to 31.8mm.

In addition to all of these things mentioned-above, you can put the Loop in your pocket when you do not use it.

These are all what you need to know about Loop before making up your mind to use it or not.

All of these designs are made for you to take advantage of the high-tech for bikes ever.

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Loop Mount has already achieved its goal on Kickstarter but you still have a few days to back this project.

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