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How To Create Compelling Headlines?

How To Create Compelling Headlines?

Headlines are the most important elements in an articles as they are the first things readers see. The performance of your blog posts depends on how catchy the headline is. If you are able to attract your audience, they will click on it. They may give much of their time to read the whole content. But if you do not write it well, noone will react even though you have well-created content.

And you wonder how to make it! Do not worry! Here, I am going to share you the best techniques for writing great headlines.

  • Make it Specific

What does it mean? First, you need to make sure you know what your audience expects from you. Then, let your headline show this. So, you should not be vague, instead, you have to get straight to the point. To optimize your article, you should evoke the keyword in the headline.

Look at this example:

Let’s consider readers want to know the secrets of a successful business. So, your headline should be: How to succeed in his or her  business?

  • Make it simple, clear and concise

A headline should be short and contain simple words. In other words, you have to ensure it is easy to understand. Do not forget to always consider readers! They will be confused if you use complex words.

  • It has to grab readers’attention

When writing a headline, you need to imagine how your audience will react seeing it. So, to make it have an impact on them, using interesting and powerful words is the best solution. By doing so, you are creating humor and are inspiring their curiosity. Surely, they want to know more about what you are trying to convey.

Used for describing a noun, adjectives are very useful. And this is not only when writing content, but especially in building headlines. So, the headline should include attractive adjectives. They will give more value to it.

Here is an example:  How to create valuable writing content? (Here, the adjective « valuable » clarifies the noun « writing content »)

Apart from adjectives, you should also use strong verbs.

Remember! the idea is to give readers a strong reason to click on the headline.

  • Use numbers

Including a number in your headline is another way to keep readers engaged. Numbers are more attractive than words. They will perform your headline well.

Let’s see some examples of headlines with numbers:

7 tips on how to grow your business

5 principles for designing a landing page perfectly

  • Include punctuation marks in it

You are free to use all punctuation marks when writing headlines. Depending on your topic, you have to choose which of them is the best to clarify it. The most commonly used in headlines are question mark, exclamation mark, colon, hyphen, …….

You can write your headline in any form of a question. This way, you promise to give concrete solutions to readers. In addition, you promise to answer and satisfy their needs.

Look at these examples:  Why is it important to stay positive? /  How to lose weight in one month? / What are the secrets of successful entrepreneurship?

You can write it in a form of a simple statement, or with the use of a colon or a hyphen. When you use one of these lasts, it is better to put the keyword before. This will increase your chance of getting more clicks.

Consider this example:  Headline writing: the most effective techniques

All of these tips mentioned above can be concluded as applying the 4 U’s. What are these 4 U’s then?

Headlines should be Unique, Ultra-specific, Useful, Urgent. That’s it!


Here, the point is to use creative and unique words in your headline. When writing it, you have to make sure these words you use convey your message.


As said before, you should specify the subject in the most attractive way to get people click.


You need to make sure you state a purpose. So, when reading your headline, readers will have an action to take.


If you create urgency in your headline, you will get your audience act immediately. So, you should be able to capture them with catchy words. For instance: How to master a language in 2 months?

I hope these techniques are helpful!

Now that you have find out how to make your headline soar, you may also want to learn about the creation of content. Don’t you?

Apart from attractive titles, discover what lies behind a quality blog post.

Use them and you will have many people like, share, comment your article. Do not hesitate to reach us on Facebook or Twitter, for more effective tips.

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