The council corner for creative entrepreneurs

Because creativity has no limits

Because creativity has no limits

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog,

My name is Tahina RABETSITONTA, I am the founder of Aycoo. I have always been fascinated with creativity and innovation since my earliest childhood. Steve Jobs inspired me because of his passion for perfection. Although he was not an engineer or a designer, he found a way to fulfill his dream. And that aroused my interest in entrepreneurship.  

As I grew up, I also discovered a new personality through Bill Gates who helped me find my way as a software developer. These two incredible characters hugely influenced my life choices. 

So now I am an entrepreneur and developer, specializing in « Xamarin« , a Microsoft product for developing a native app on iOS and Android. 

After 10 years of experience in start-ups, large companies and a few entrepreneurial failures (I am not discouraged), today I am embarking 100% on this new adventure which is very close to my heart.

As a developer, I particularly enjoy the phases of reflection on the architecture of a product and the integration of designers’ super-models. Plus, I enjoy every moment of developing and solving complex problems. Especially when I’m solving a blocking problem and I love that.

This little feeling of joy from a developer after having solved a blocking problem therefore led me to create Aycoo to safeguard my solutions, but especially to bring them to life through an artificial intelligence or conversational agent.

The council corner for creative entrepreneurs 

Throughout this blog, we would like to share DIY experiences along with some web marketing techniques and strategies to help the community of craftspeople, designer and all DIY lovers who want to become creative entrepreneurs, sell their products and services on the web. 

One of the most important things for a creative entrepreneur is that your passion – if it drives it – will not be enough to sell your products or services. To succeed in developing your business, it therefore seems essential to have two qualities. His passion for his profession and the humility to open up to his community, his prospects, his clients: listening to them, exchanging with them, presenting their ideas to them… it is not always easy, because it makes them vulnerable. Developing your business also means opening up to areas that you are not always interested in.  

Aycoo aims to support you in these areas to give you time to focus on your passion. The Aycoo team will share their experiences on this blog to help you in your business. But also, by sharing values that are important to us such as recovering waste or recycling an object to make an original product.   

At Aycoowe believe in everyone’s potentialThat’s why we set the app up as a Q&A platform and ergonomic tutorial sharing tool.  

Furthermore, we also want to do things differently. We have noticed that in general, expertise, know-how and trade secret are well-kept treasures in many factories nowadays. Aycoo’s greatest challenge is to reverse this trend by sharing our knowledge with you to move forward together. This blog is therefore part of this challenging initiative. 

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