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Coloroid: the beauty of art and design

Coloroid: the beauty of art and design

Design and art are essential in creative entrepreneurship. The success of a brand mainly relies on « research and development« . Design along with packaging helps to set apart from competitors. Plus, it adds value to your good by initiating consumers’ emotions. This is the case for Coloroid: « the beauty of art and design ». Find out this colorful pencil box designed by Jialu Li. A young American student from San Francisco who is fond of artwork. 

Differences between art and design

Before digging deeper into this product that reflects the beauty of art and design. Let us see the main differences between these two features. Generally speaking, art is for oneself, a way for showing self-expression. Whereas, the design is for the others. It is based on solving relationships between people and things.

 1. Design can be taught and learned

As opposed to artists, everyone can become a great designer. Several designers are today known for their concise style. They just use simple colors and materials. And highlight on layout, size, or interval. Besides, profits research also differs design from art.

 2. The influence of mandators

Artists begin their creations from their own. Consequently, no one is going to blame him or her for her work. For example, Van Gogh could have chosen to paint something stylish from his era. But he decided to create something from himself.

On the other hand, the designing process involves some mandators. Designers must take into consideration the profits that flow from their achievement. In design activities, users come above designers. Thus, designs can fail when goals are failed to reach

 3. The starting point matter

Good art is revealing whereas great design is inspiring. Usually, artists start their creations from a zero basis. They began with internal perspectives, personal opinions, or feelings. Then, they share the results with other people. Good artistic work involves powerful emotional contact with audiences.

On the contrary, designers get going with an existing starting point. For example a message, a picture, or a thought. Designers do not need to invent. They have to concentrate on existing things. Their goal is to encourage people to do something. For instance: to buy a product or to visit a place.

Today let me invite you to discover a product which conciliates both the beauty of art and creativity: Coloroid.

Coloroid characteristics 

Faithful towards the environment

Coloroid is  made of recycled materials. Made of natural resources, this pencil box is durable and sturdy. Coloroid releases the green art of perfection. A pencil box that conciliates original design and top-quality. How about its longevity?

An everlasting product

Art and design are beautiful. They both attract human beings. However, Coloroid also offers an innovative feature: its universal size. Users can buy refill pencils after purchasing one. Which is very practical and less wasteful. But how useful is Coloroid at home?

A cute decoration accessory for home

Coloroid brings the beauty of art and design at your home. This handmade pencil-case is perfect for table decorations.  Use it as an organizer for your studio or your workshop. And proudly draw your artworks now. 

The designer’s magic tool 

This well-designed pencil box can contain up to 32 pencils. Coloroid is separated into two floors to keep the pencils handy. Plus, a perforated surface easily allows the pencil’s storage. This aesthetic and functional box will definitely inspire you. Artists, designers, kids, students, and more… will enjoy Coloroid during their creativity sessions.


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