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What Lies Behind a Quality Blog Post?

What Lies Behind a Quality Blog Post?

Compared to other types of writing, it can’t be denied that writing a blog post is a bit more difficult. It requires hard work as it has to attract web users to read your article. You always need to consider the readers when you are building content. So, what are the secrets of how to write a good blog post? Here are some helpful tips to succeed in it without spending so much time.

Do not even know how to start? Do not worry!

Once you have chosen the topic you would like to deal with, you should collect ideas first. You can get these ideas by reading books, watching videos, doing research on internet, etc. While doing your research, you need to make sure you have with you tools to take down notes. Then, it is time to create an outline and begin drafting your blog post.

What is next?

Here are all you have to do to make the content of your post stand out.

  • Write a hooking headline

The title is very crucial for the article to be a success. Why? Because when seeing it, your audience will or will not even glance at your blog post.  So, the headline should be short and clear, it should arouse the curiosity of users to give time for it. Apart from that, it has to highlight what you are going to talk about in your post.

  • Grab your audience’s attention with a great introduction

This is very important as it is the one which follows the title. It needs to be well-built so that the users will be convinced to read the whole post.

  • Use subheadings and make paragraphs with short sentences

To make your post more interesting, it is better if you divide your article into paragraphs. Subheadings are used to state the points you will focus on in each paragraph. It is highly recommended to write the content with clear and short sentences. Long sentences are boring and noone will waste time going through it. All of these will help readers understand easily the point. Then, your audience will be satisfied because they get what they are really searching for in your post. You should always keep in mind your goal, which is to grab the eyes of the readers.

  • Use bullet points

What do we use bullet points for? First, it is important to remember that bullets are not sentences, they are like headlines. So, you need to ensure it evokes specific and clear information. Writing bullet points is a good choice as it is the best way to encourage your readers to keep running down the whole blog post.

All these done, then what makes your article more engaging visually?

Adding featured images

When it comes to online success, visuals play an important role. Images have that power to catch the readers’eyes more than words. So, it is vital to know how to choose a nice photo to boost your engagement. There are many resources where you can find quality images.

Increase your SEO level

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is something we cannot ignore in blogging if we want our blog post to get a lot of readers. It is advised to optimize your post to have your SEO in a good rank. And you are wondering how to do that? Here are some tips that will help you:

  • You should add a focus keyword, a proper meta headline with the keywords, you should not also forget to add a SEO title and meta description.
  • You need to optimize the images in your blog post too: you have to ensure you have images in their right size, there are words describing them.

Include a great Call to Action

You need to add a compelling Call to Action to make your blog post successful. You should convince readers to take actions like signing up to your newsletter, leaving a comment, sharing your article on social medias. This will not be difficult if you have given to your audience what they are really looking for.

To put all these in a nutshell, in writing a blog post, the matter is to create a good content that attracts users to read it. You should also add images to illustrate your article. By applying all of the above tips, you will see that it is really helpful for you to get conversions. So, what keeps you from using them?

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